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  • Château Berliquet

    Grand Cru Classé, is a nugget at the heart of this historic vineyard. Planted on 10 hectares, Merlot and Cabernet Franc overhang the west hillside of Saint-Emilion and plunge there to gently bend towards the Dordogne. The structural imprint of the limestone plateau is evident here and its potential to produce wines that are both racy, tense and elegant is undeniable.

  • Domaine Des Ardoisières

    Selection of our sommelier

    Since 2003 Brice Omont, now manages the Domaine des Ardoisières. The vineyard now has 9 hectares of vineyards on the slopes of Cevins. The vines are cultivated in certified organic farming, according to the precepts of biodynamics. Great care is taken in the quality of the grapes, as well as in the vinification. Domaine des Ardoisières wines unveil a true expression of the terroir from which they come, to the delight of lovers of Savoie wines.

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Domaine Eric Forest

In search of the right expression of a terroir and a vintage ...

Managing the vineyards that have been passed on from father to son for eight generations, Eric Forest produce the plots of vines planted between of 1930 and 1979. His grand father who possesses a vast knowledge in Nature and Biodynamics, has greatly influenced his approach to wine and her making. To maintain the highest level of accuracy, he realize all the work manually. He prune the plants in a manner to allow for the vine to have ample ventilation thus minimizing the need to use phytosanitary products. He combat any other plant species with an environnental approach by carrying out extra plowing to sustain the soil and to encourage the roots to absorb the rich qualities held within the terroir. The grapes are hand picked and gently pressed. The wine stands on its lees for ten to fifteen months inside oak barrels with reduced doses of sulfites. The wine is then personally bottled using gravity and often unfiltred.
As a passionate winemarker, he bring the utmost care and attention to all stages of winemarketing process, a personal commitment to deliver the high standards representative of his terroir.

Domaine Eric Forest

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